Getting to Know your Realtor!

Ben was licensed as a realtor in early 2009. Real Estate was something Ben always found interesting and after having a few bad experiences with the buying process and representation he decided to leave a successful career in construction to take a a leap of faith and become a realtor. He hasn't looked back!

Signing on as a RE/MAX agent was a must from the start. Being associated with the #1 brand in real estate has always been the best way to represent his clients.

Ben started out with the principals of his business being what resonated with him from his childhood. Something he felt wasn't valued enough in the industry.

Honesty and Integrity. Treating his clients how he would want to be treated. 

Ben's business is based largely off of return clients and their referrals. His extensive knowledge in construction, renovations and rentals has been a valuable skill to share with his clients and he loves to help educate and solve problems with maintenance and repairs. He has an extensive list of reliable trades to share. 

Ben has a passion for real estate and loves to help others achieve their dreams, solve their problems and maximize their potential. 

Ben is married to Paige an amazing woman and partner in his ventures. She is an independent interior decorator, runs their short-term rentals, designs their renovations on different properties and can often be seen in the credits on blockbuster films (Art Department).

They have a house predating 1884 full of fur with a Husky and Shepherd dog (WyattJune and Doc) and a less then happy cat (Archie). They are both very involved in volunteering in their community of North Point Douglas represented on the local residents committee.

Ben has an active story on instagram where he shares his day to day life more then his real estate business and a bit of his personality. Give him a follow to discover a bit more of who he is. @bigbenthiessen